How To Find The Right Self-Storage Facility

If you have a lot of stuff in your house or business that you do not use frequently, you need to consider renting a self-storage unit. The unit will assist you to store those things you do not require frequent and make your space look more organised and non-stuffed. There are several self-storage facilities that you can pick, but you need to look for the one that can serve your storage needs effectively. The following tips should guide you as you make the selection of the right self-storage unit.

Location of the facility

One of the factors to put in mind is the location of the self-storage unit you want to rent. It is necessary you consider location so that you get one located in a place where you can access your items easily any time you require them. It should be proximity to where you work or live. However, put in mind that the location of the unit will also determine the cost charged.


You do not want to store your items in a facility that does not observe high-level hygiene. This is why you will need to take into account the level of cleanliness observed in the facility you want to rent. With a clean facility, you will be sure that your items will not be damaged. They need to have a pest control system and others that ensure that no damage happens to your stuff. The management of the system should be more than willing to show you all the measures they have put into place to control the damage of your items.


It is necessary you also check at the security measures that the self-storage unit has to determine how safe your items will be. The best self-storage unit should have video surveillance and alarmed units installed. Thi9s ensures that all your items are stored safely and they cannot be stolen. The video surveillance should be running on a 24/7 hour basis. With such a self-storage facility, you have peace of mind knowing that all your items are safe.

Insurance cover

Besides having a security system installed, it is also necessary to look for a self-storage facility with insurance cover. This is necessary because there are risks of having some of the items damaged. With an insurance cover, you get compensated in case some of your items get stolen or damaged as a result of fires, floods or other elements.


Look for Storage Plus Sydney facility you can access your items anytime you need them. It will be inconveniencing for you if you try to get your items, but you cannot access them. Look for a facility offering 24/7 accessibility. They should have staff who allow you to pick the things you need at any time of the day or night even during the weekends and holidays.


You should also consider the charges by the different self-storage facilities so that you get the most affordable one. The price should be reasonable meaning neither too high nor too low.